5 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2018

5 Digital Marketing Trends To Expect In 2018

The optimal marketing strategy is to observe the change of trends, like a course of a large river, using suitable strategies that fit a certain product.

Before discussing digital marketing trends of 2018, ask yourself: “What’s marketing needed for?”

On the one hand, to position a company in the market, to build and strengthen the brand. On the other hand, to attract new customers and engage with the regular ones. If your company already has a history, there is a pool of loyal customers familiar with your brand – consider asking yourself if it is worth prioritizing new prospects over them. However, ignoring the changes completely will result in your advertising campaigns losing their effectiveness against competitors.

The truth is, as usual, somewhere in the middle. It is important to keep track of the new trends and apply those trends that can better emphasize the uniqueness of your brand. According to Anna Sandahl, founder of digital communication agency Ode, the best marketing is one that does not depend on time. “If the content of your site or blog is executed at a high level in terms of language and style, it gives your audience the information it needs, answers correctly to the search engine queries, gives readers stories that can be shared on social networks and strengthens your brand – then your marketing is on point”.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

1. Virtual or augmented reality

It seems that everyone is talking about this. Virtual reality presents an incredible opportunity for prospects to interact with a brand in a more personal, experiential way than ever before.

2. Breaking the taboos

In the future, we will see breaking of the established norms solely for the purpose of attracting attention. We will see controversial images, marketing messages “crossing the line”. This will mainly apply to the marketing of products and services for women. A good example is H&M Autumn Collection video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-RY6fWVrQ0

Of course it is only for your company to decide, whether it is necessary to follow this trend. For the sake of a short burst of attention, one could lose an entire community of dedicated followers earned throughout the years.

3. From views to interaction

Views and the number of visitors do not necessarily define interaction and conversion. Websites and Facebook with large numbers of visitors and subscribers, yet low levels of engagement will be downgraded in search rankings due to certain algorithms automatically classifying such pages as passive and irrelevant.

Interactivity is the Holy Grail of Internet marketing world. It is rather wasteful to focus all efforts on getting attention without increasing the interaction – later it will affect your coverage and, consequently, your marketing budget.

Evaluate the interaction, not coverage. Today, it is the user engagement that is of real value.

4. Authenticity – throw away the filters

With the perfectly polished pictures on the Internet, we begin to yearn for a “real” authentic alternative. Too few of us are likely to switch off from our devices solely for the sake of unwinding somewhere in the mountains or recharging in the countryside, but majority of us would definitely like to read and watch videos about these stories.

Minor imperfections in illustrations will make the story more real, emotional and closer to the reader – and it’s a great way to promote the brand. Follow the trend #nofilter – and you will be trusted.

5. Newsletter in a new light

Have your heard of inbox zero? Businesses are striving to become “zero-email companies” and protect their mailbox from unnecessary emails, especially in the B2B segment. At the same time, the importance of newsletter as a tool only increases if you keep your emails interesting and informing.

If you do not have an online magazine for clients or a corporate blog about the company’s news and achievements – consider creating it and enjoy your ever growing traffic.

Based on Artegic company forecasts and on the materials of Anna Sandahl, the founder of the digital communications agency Ode.

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