How buyer personas will rewire your marketing (as well as attract new customers and increase your ROI!)

Data-based buyer persona templates reveal what your ideal customers really care about, who they  are and why they would like to buy your products or services. When you understand what truly drives each buyer persona, you´re on your way to successfully growing your business! 

Buyer personas gives your the possibility to get to know and understand your ideal customers better. The use of buyer personas will enable more focused marketing efforts – you will be able to create separate, appealing marketing messages and offers to each buyer persona segment and then reach them in their preferred social media channels and medias. With relevant messages,  your customers will feel genuinely heard, making them more likely to buy from you! 

Buyer templates will also assure that your whole company – not only the marketing department but also sales, product development and customer support, will have a shared view of the ideal customers. 

So where should you start? Here´s a quick intro on what to consider and what kind of data you need for creating buyer personas. 

Categorize your buyers 

Start by segmenting your buyers according to demographics (age, gender, income, position,  company, number of children, marital status, interests), geographical area, behavioral and psychographic traits (opinions, values, lifestyle, desires). This can be easily done by using automatic persona generation – a system that generates different buyer personas based on your company´s online data.  

Reasons for purchase? 

According to the Golden Circle by author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek, people purchase your company´s products or services if they match their beliefs. At the same time they show other people what they stand for.  

But what is the underlying reason for people in your target group to buy products or services from your company specifically? What do they need and what are they trying to accomplish? What do they really care about?  

And if they haven´t yet purchased any of your products or services, why is that? The answers to these questions can help you find out how to best approach your current and potential customers,  with the right kind of tone of voice. This results in more traffic to your sites and more qualified leads. 

Preferred sites and channels? 

Where can your target group be found online – what kind of sites and social media channels do they prefer? Are your customers buying your products or services online or at a brick and mortar store? In what situation and what time of day or year? Prior to the purchase – how are they collecting information? How do they make decisions? 

By answering these questions on the basis of high-quality data, you will have a better understanding of your customer´s journey.  

Focus your marketing efforts 

Now that you have a better insight on what kind of buyer personas your company has, you should choose the buyer segments your company wants to focus on. Then you can tailor your offering,  marketing messages, tone of voice, channels and medias, discounts and prices according to the different attributes of each group. A personalized approach is always more effective than a general  ”something for everyone”-kind of approach.  

The quality of your buyer personas is only as good as the data they are based on. The best buyer  personas are generated according to data from your sales department, customer support, data from social media, surveys, interviews and focus groups.  

To sum it up – buyer persona templates are not created just to get descriptions of your customers but as a means to really focus your marketing efforts, get more customers and increase your sales as well as your return on investment.  

Please feel free to contact me anytime – I will be happy to tell you more about buyer persona generation! 

Timo Hänninen,  

Chief Operating Officer, Konvertigo 

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