7 Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Use

And you should do #3 right away!

What if I told you that a part of the money you spend on marketing is wasted? Of course if this is what you want to do you may just close the page. The good news is that there are many ways to optimize the advertising budget, and the most effective and global one is to start using inbound as your marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is the buzzword you may find in many marketing articles now, but what stands behind it? This is a promotion method that attracts, engages, delights and, most importantly, does all this through useful content and builds trust of the business. So if you are ready to start here are seven inbound marketing techniques every business should use.

Inbound Marketing Techniques

#1 Know Your Audience

Inbound strategy, oh wait… every marketing strategy should start from your audience research. Who are those people? What do they like? Where do they live? So many questions and you have to know the answers.

And don’t focus on just one group, most of the businesses definitely have more than one type of customers. Make segmentations, so you won’t advertise dog food to cat owners. Identify your buyer personas, think about their history, names, age, even names. It will be easier for you to understand for whom and for what purpose you are writing the content if you have a specific person who displays a whole segment of your customers in mind. And this is the first step towards saving your company’s resources.

#2 Influencers are the Best Friends of the Brand

Targeted advertising is great. No, really! Especially when you have defined your audience and know which channels to use to communicate with it. But, this kind of ads is becoming more expensive while people are paying less attention to it. It does not mean that you need to stop all promotions, it is time to find new resources. It could be influencers: opinion leaders of all possible types.

For some reason, many companies still imagine bloggers as those who write about beauty or for kids. This is an erroneous opinion, in every sphere there are quite a lot of influencers. Why do I think cooperation with them is inbound marketing? Well, these guys have already done a fairly large piece of work for you – they made a research about the audience and found a niche of influence. You just need to add the right message and build a smart integration. It could be both direct advertising in their profile and content making, such as guest blogs or podcasts. I will tell you about it a bit later. What to do if you have already integrated ads with all experts in your field or you are not ready to work with bloggers? The next point is for you!

#3 Personal Brand as a Promoter

It doesn’t matter whether you cooperate with influencers or not, it’s time to start working on a personal brand: it is much easier to trust a company when it has a face. Don’t be surprised, this way of promotion is used not only by Apple and Microsoft but also by many startups around the world. You have two ways: to develop your personal brand as a company or to promote your company through your personal brand. In any case it is much easier to show expertise through a person than through a company, cause inbound is about trust also.

#4 Social Media Communication

Briefly: communicate with your users online. Answer all the questions and work with negative emotions under all your posts ads. High-quality communication is to track all company’s mentions (especially when users are not tagging you) and respond directly on the user’s page. Believe me, your followers would like it. By the way, it is not necessary to do it manually, there are many special tools to make this kind of communication and make it inbound.

#5 Guest Blogs

So we’ve got to the main part: the world of content. I would even say His Majesty Content since most of the inbound holds on it. I have already mentioned guest blogs as a great way to interact with influencers. Why do you need such kind of activity? There are several reasons:

  • Bigger audience,
  • Brand building,
  • Powerful linkbacks,
  • More useful content.

For some reason many marketers consider guest blogs just from one side, but it works in both directions. You can write your expert opinion in other people’s blogs referring to your company, and guest authors can write for your blog. Win-win.

#6 Free eBooks

And I will be brief again, because this point is more than obvious: free eBooks will not only bring useful information to your customers but also increase brand sympathy. In addition you can increase the email database (certainly with the permission of the user) and advertise your services with the help of these materials.

#7 Valuable Content

As I have already mentioned, content is the king in the inbound world, without having it useful and high-quality you will not be able to build the right communication with the client. That is why I believe that content marketing is the main part of inbound. For all these years people got tired of the unuseful and boring posts, so valuable content became crazy popular. On social networks, in your newsletter and blogs, you need to be useful everywhere. I will never sign up for an account in social networks or a newsletter which will simply fill my feed with useless advertising, photos with a description of a product and quite boring texts. Always remember the “attract, engage, delight” formula.

Stop Doing Everything All By Yourself

Point number eight, a bonus one. I would like to share a very useful idea: stop doing everything by yourself. It is impossible to be an expert in all areas, hire someone or contact an agency. Konvertigo as an international online marketing agency is familiar with the challenges of inbound marketing and marketing research, moreover we know how to optimize your budget and how to stop wasting your money. So it’s time to get a comprehensive inside view into the target markets and implement the best online promotion strategy based on the findings. And may the force of inbound marketing be with you!

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