Making Sense of Paid Traffic

Making Sense Of Paid Traffic

When we talk to our clients about launching a new localized website in the target country, there is always a question about the ultimate goals: brand awareness and sales boost. When entering a new market, it is as important to establish a brand name, as it is to launch a successful sales strategy. But how to choose the correct path?

Paid advertising is key, we all know that. The more people land on your website, the more potential revenue you may expect. But the tricky part is that in the long run the sheer volume of paid traffic doesn’t always reflect its quality. If the adverts you launched are underperforming or attract irrelevant leads, you may start questioning whether your investments will ever provide you with expected ROI. So how do you keep your paid traffic relevant?

Today, an increasing number of companies utilizes the cost-effectiveness of web content promotion using it as a part of their paid advertising strategy. Digital space is crowded with brands, information and choices. The idea behind smart paid campaigns is researching your buyer personas, finding out where they spend time and targeting them there. However, it’s not only about social networks or search engines. Relying on broad messages while targeting general public may not serve your business goals all that well. Instead, you need to target narrow lead segments with specifically designed content pieces at certain niche websites. Personalization is vital.

Being good at it, requires having a well-developed buyer persona study. Buyer persona is a fictional, generalized representation of your ideal customers that makes it easier for you to relate to their problems, needs, lifestyle and behavior. Having this understanding is critical for efficient prospect targeting and customer acquisition across all marketing, product development and sales functions.

Usually, buyer personas are created based on comprehensive market research, as well as unique insights you collect from your client base through surveys, interviews, or personal communication. Depending on your industry and the size of your company, you can have any number of personas between 1 and 10, as long as each of them represents a separate target group or reflects a different customer relationship approach.

Luckily, paid traffic resources provide explicit targeting functionality, including demographics, geographical location, interests, and behavior, as well as extensive control over advertisement copies, graphic designs, and other visual elements that may help you shape visitors’ expectations and increase your conversion rates. Majority of content advertising platforms will promote your ad on similar pages across the Internet, suggesting it to leads who have recently expressed an interest in similar content or subject – affinity audiences who are likely to convert.

Targeting algorithms are constantly evolving in order to drive relevant traffic to websites and increase potential ROI. We have full control over who our ads are displayed to, so that every cent is spent wisely. This means that recognizing the importance of profound buyer persona research and committing to user experience is the first big step towards a successful content marketing and paid advertising strategy.

Are you satisfied with the quality of your paid traffic? Or are you perhaps considering entering a new market? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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