The Importance of Visual Content

The Importance Of Visual Content

Design is truly everywhere. Visual information inhabits our imagination and heightens our creative thinking. Something within our brains responds to colors, textures and shapes we see, inspires us and challenges us to track through and act upon it. The power of visual drives the marketing world, as well. Advertisements, banners, promotion materials, websites, emails – it is hard to imagine a single content marketing item that has no design whatsoever. We are so accustomed to associating brands with certain color palettes, and to processing information through visualization and interpretation, that rejecting these ideas sounds like a digital suicide.

But let’s not be overdramatic, and instead think what we can and should do to reach greater heights in marketing. We all know that content drives conversion, and that content marketing is a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. We also know that no matter how helpful, unique, or innovative your text may be, nothing is as captivating as a beautiful piece of content.

Content marketing is more than just copywriting or simply creating valuable marketing assets. Apart from a huge analytical component involved in a process of content creation (such as defining target audience and selecting promotion strategy, to say the least), a big part of content marketer’s job is to ensure that all resources are visually compelling.

     TIP: Don’t be afraid to team up with web designers to draft several asset templates you can use further. Not all of us have an eye for creative matters, so it’s always best to trust professionals.

The importance of design in paid advertising and social media can hardly be overrated. Images don’t only make your paid ads or posts stand out in the competitive environment, but they also communicate your message more efficiently. Which impacts your lead’s decision making process greatly. If the graphics is consistent throughout all communication channels, it fosters brand awareness and boosts trust for the messages used.

     TIP: Use bright and prominent call-to-action buttons in your emails, as opposed to using standard in-text links, to encourage more clicks and trigger higher conversion rates.

However, one debate doesn’t seem to end when it comes to email marketing. While traditional marketers tend to include a lot of visuals for promotion and conversion purposes, email marketing experts choose to minimize graphics for deliverability reasons, as some email clients don’t display images by default, but rely on users to make this choice instead. That’s why sending an email that consists solely of one big image is hardly a best practice.

     TIP: Start crafting simpler designs and layouts with lighter images. Small, compressed and well-formatted images are the key to success.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In digital world, a picture is worth a million, allowing for fast message recognition, social media sharing and eagerness to connect. Learning to speak with color and shape will help seize attention of your subscribers and followers, while pitching powerful business statements.

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