Why Digital Market Research Matters

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Saving cash and other benefits of Digital Market Research

Before investing loads of money into online advertising campaigns, we always suggest companies to start with proper researching. Where are they going to market? How and whom they are planning to sell their goods or services to? Such Digital Market Research offers a comprehensive inside view into the target local markets.

Aiming to the best online promotion

Here are 5 main benefits of Digital Market Research in brief:
1. Saving money by prioritising and investing in convertible channels only.
2. Getting to know buyer behaviour, buyers’ needs and challenges.
3. Delivering the right message at the right time to the right channel and device.
4. Knowing competitors’ online strategies and getting ahead of them.
5. Turning strangers into customers (or even friends) by building a strong and positive brand image.

Digital Market Research aims to design and implement the best online promotion strategy in any target market. With that, we develop actionable roadmaps for companies of any size: no sales goal is too big!

Defining and analysing – it shouldn’t be that difficult!

Konvertigo executes Digital Market Research with the help of Konvertigo Digital Network consisting of local digital marketing experts and market researchers. Digital Market Research findings usually define:

• Buyer persona research and analysis: demographics, online behaviour, buyer capability
• Competitor analysis: website analysis, pricing policy, message research.
• Keyword research results for Google/Yahoo/Yandex/Bing.
• Social media research results and recommended strategy.
• Influencer marketing: local bloggers, online publications, other advertising possibilities.
• Recommended messages tailored for each audience segment and marketing channel.
• Suitable digital marketing channels to invest in and budget allocation proposition.
• In certain cases: local legislation around online promotion of goods and services.

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