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Looking to grow your business in a new region?

Succeeding in international e-commerce is a challenge that not only requires courage, open-mindedness and innovativeness, but also reliable partners with local market expertise!

Konvertigo, an international online marketing and sales expert, and Briiffi, a marketing communications consultant, are familiar with the challenges of entering brand new markets. We can help you unlock the potential of global cross-border sales and establish your brand in the international arena.

Our joint expert team offers a tried-and-tested online marketing and sales model for international e-commerce through collaboration with Partner, a global service provider in cross-border international logistics. You do not need a separate partner in every foreign market you operate in any more – you can manage all processes from Finland with us.

Are you interested? We will be happy to discuss how we can help you achieve more. Call us, so we’ll arrange a meeting. Let’s make your online store a global one!

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